Z Kitchen, Lagos

Z Kitchen, Lagos


Z Kitchen in Lagos offers a unique blend of Italian, American, and French cuisines. Located at 19 Saka Tinubu St., Victoria Island, it is a fine dining establishment ranked #36 among 269 restaurants in Lagos. The restaurant is known for its elegant setting and offers a price range of £10 - £28, catering to vegetarian and vegan diets as well​​​​.

What To Love

  1. Quality of Food: Many patrons have praised the quality of the food, especially dishes like lamb, fisherman’s rice, and seafood options​​​​​​.
  2. Ambience and Decor: The restaurant's ambiance and decor are consistently commended for adding to the dining experience​​.
  3. Service: The staff's attention to detail and professional service have been highlighted positively by several customers​​​​.


  1. Price: The cost of dining at Z Kitchen is considered high by some, potentially making it less accessible for a wider range of customers​​​​.
  2. Limited Menu Options: Some diners were disappointed with the limited menu and the availability of certain dishes​​.


Z Kitchen seems to offer a fine dining experience with a focus on quality and ambiance. While it excels in providing a sophisticated atmosphere and well-received dishes, the recent inconsistencies in service and food quality, coupled with its high prices, may require consideration. It's a suitable choice for special occasions or for those who appreciate an upscale dining experience but may not appeal to those seeking value for money or a more casual dining environment.

Address & Contact Details

  • Address: 19 Saka Tinubu St. Victoria Island, Lagos 101241 Nigeria
  • Phone: +234 906 422 2222
  • Website: https://www.zkitchen.co/

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