Vanilla Moon, Lagos

Vanilla Moon, Lagos


Vanilla Moon in Lagos, located at 2a Saka Jojo St., Victoria Island, is a high-end restaurant offering Italian, French, and Mediterranean cuisines. Known for its contemporary ambiance and stylish setting, it is ranked #49 out of 269 restaurants in Lagos. The price range is £10 to £30, accommodating vegetarian and vegan options​​​​.

What To Love

  1. Quality of Food: The food, particularly the tapas, has received high praise for its taste and presentation​​.
  2. Ambience and Decor: The restaurant's modern decor and indoor-outdoor seating options create a trendy, comfortable environment​​​​.
  3. Customer Service: Many reviews highlight the attentive and responsive service provided by the staff​​​​.


  1. Pricing: Some guests consider the restaurant to be a bit pricey, although not excessively so for its location on Victoria Island​​.
  2. Intrusiveness: There was an instance of guests feeling their privacy was intruded upon during a visit, which might be off-putting for some diners​​.


Vanilla Moon appears to be a compelling choice for those seeking a fine dining experience in Lagos. It strikes a balance between high-quality cuisine and a sophisticated atmosphere. While the prices might be on the higher side, the overall experience seems to justify the cost for most diners. However, guests seeking a more private dining experience might want to consider this aspect before visiting.

Address & Contact Details

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