Guide to NOK by Alara, Lagos

Guide to NOK by Alara, Lagos
Image Credit: NOK by Alara

NOK by Alara, positioned as a culinary gem in Lagos, offers African cuisine with a contemporary twist. Located at 12A Akin Olugbede St., Victoria Island, it ranks #45 of 269 restaurants in Lagos. The restaurant serves lunch, dinner, and brunch in a setting that combines artistic flair with African motifs​​​​.

What to love

  1. Ambience and Decor: Patrons admire NOK's artistic vibe and decor, creating an appealing dining environment both indoors and outdoors​​​​.
  2. Food Variety: The menu includes African staples, vegan options, and unique dishes like Blackened Catfish and Plaintain Beignets​​.
  3. Service: Some reviews highlight excellent service and attention to detail from the staff​​.

Few considerations

  1. Varied Food Experiences: While some customers have noted an average taste and perceived overpricing for the quality of food served, others have found the culinary offerings to be delightful.
  2. Menu Pricing: While opinions vary, some customers feel that the cost of food and drinks is on the higher side.

In summary

NOK by Alara provides a diverse range of experiences. Its artistic ambiance and extensive menu are praiseworthy, offering a unique atmosphere for those seeking a creative setting. While some have noted occasional variations in food quality and service concerns, the establishment's positive attributes are noteworthy. Regardless, NOK remains a compelling choice for those who appreciate an artsy atmosphere and are willing to invest in a premium dining experience.

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